For Parents

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Laurel Hill Primary School. Please click on the links to the left of this page for more information.  Also, be sure to follow our
LHP PTA Facebook Page and our LHP School Facebook page for updates and information.

Most of the school information can be found in the handbook.
 This handbook was developed to familiarize you with Laurel Hill Primary School’s procedures, policies, goals, and expectations.  We appreciate you taking the time to review its contents with your child.  Please read this handbook together and refer to it periodically throughout the year as needed.  We have decided to make this handbook available through our website in an effort to make it more accessible, yet paperless.

Hopefully, the information in the handbook answers many of your questions.  We are always available to clarify any school matter.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at 849-2200.

A close home/school relationship built on mutual trust and respect is absolutely necessary to promote the best interests of children.  At Laurel Hill we take pride in the relationships that we form with students, parents and the community at large.  It is through these relationships that we are able to continue our success as an excellent school.  We look forward to working with you this year. 

Ashley Dorsey, Principal
Jason Sims, Assistant Principal