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Arcademic Skill Builder Games

Capstone Library

A Plus Math Flash Cards

Cinderella (Story Elements)

Ask for Kids

Billy Bug (Coordinates)

cbeebies Stories (BBC)


Ca$h Out (Changing Money

Game Goo Educational Games

Countries of the World

Cool Math 4 Kids

Inkless Tales

CyberSleuth for Kids

Everyday Math Resources


Discus Kids

Fact Dash and Other Math Games

KOL Online Stories (Arthur)

Fact Hound

Harcourt Math Practice 

Learning to Read (Audio Books)

Fact Monster

Helping with Math (Add & Sub)

Oakstreet Elementary Collection

Illustrated Math Dictionary

Helping with Math (Mult.)

Primary language arts

Internet Picture Dictionary

Houghton Mifflin Practice

Reading Planet Book Zone

Library Search

How It All Stacks Up (Graphing)  

Sadlier Oxford Phonics Review

Map Machine *National Geo.

Math Flash Cards

Second Grade Skill Builders

National Archives

Math Mayhem

Rhyme Zone

Math Practice by Subject

Story Place Elementary

The Fifty States

Math Test Practice

Storyline Online (Celebrities read stories)

Webster's Dictionary

Math Virtual Manipulatives


Word Central

Math Wiki

We Give Books

Map Machine *National Geo

Multiplication Practice

Prep Dog (Test Prep by Grade Level)

National Archives

Primary Math Internet Resources

RIT Arranged Student Activities

Rhyme Zone

Rainforest Maths

Math Activities

The Fifty States

Think Math (All Grades)

Reading Activities

 Websters Dictionary

Times Table Practice


Word Problem Practice



 Math Games by Skills




National Geographic Kids

Internet 4 Classrooms Science

Kid's Corner



I Know That Science

BBC Science

Science Bob

Kid's Planet


The Toronto Zoo

Foss Web

Arty the Part Time Astronaut

Just for Kids

Enchanted Learning

Bill Nye The Science Guy

Cool Science

Extreme Science

Discovery Kids

US Mint for Kids

Social Studies

Internet 4 Classrooms Social Studies

Sheppard's Software Social Studies

The Whitehouse for Kids

Fact Monster

The History Channel

The Smithsonian

Time for Kids

America's Library

Kids Government

Cool Kid Sites


Zoom School

PBS Kids


Crayola Kids


The National Zoo


Fun School

Sesame Street

Dance Mat Typing

Florida Monarch Butterfly

Primary Games

TVO Kids 


Shark Webquest

Ocean Planet




Cybersmart Kids

PBS Kids Interactive



Kids Korner

eLearning for Kids

Kid Wizard Interactive Games

Kids Click Online  


Learning Games for Kids

Net Smartz Kids

Pattern Blocks

Poetry Patterns

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