Kristi Goodwin

monkey welcome
In 1993 I earned a bachelors degree from The College of Charleston in Elementary & Early Childhood Education.
  Following my education, I was employed by the state working as an Early Childhood Child Care Specialist.  For 13 years I assessed, evaluated, trained, and mentored child care/kindergarten programs and wrote training sessions and teaching materials for teachers.  During this time, I completed my masters in Elementary Curriculum design.  Following my masters program, I had a desire to get back into the classroom, so I taught first grade at Palmetto Christian Academy for 3 years.  This is my eighth year at Laurel Hill Primary School.

    It is my goal as a teacher to not only educate your child but to develop a relationship with him/her.  Connecting education with a caring, safe relationship will ensure academic success and a love for learning!  Thank you for this opportunity to teach your precious child! 

    Research supports school and family communication and involvement, so I encourage you to get plugged in with some aspect of your childs education.  Please feel free to be involved in your child's education!  With that said, WELCOME to 1B!