About Us


Upon entering our building, one can immediately sense the child-centered atmosphere that has already made Laurel Hill Primary School (LHPS) an award-winning school. At LHPS we are committed to the success of each child. Our students continue to grow in all areas: academically,socially, physically, and artistically. We are determined to provide a child-centered and developmentally appropriate learning environment in each of our classrooms.

We have continued our focus on authentic writing opportunities for our students. The vast majority of our teachers have now participated in writing labs where they work alongside our teacher coach exploring different units of study with the children. Our students have the opportunity to consistently write about their own experiences and/or topics of interest. This has helped to cultivate the love of writing that we see each day.We have maintained our accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). This prestigious status has been described as the gold standard by which early childhood programs are evaluated.

We also believe that we must show evidence of growth in student achievement as measured by standardized assessments. The LHPS teachers and administrators monitor student achievement regularly, and we are very pleased with our outstanding results in all content areas. For example, nearly all of our second grade students (86% in reading and 88% in math) scored above the national average and the majority (58% in reading and 68% in math) scored above the 75th percentile as indicated by MAP assessments. This data, coupled with the above-mentioned accreditation status, validates the incredible work that our dedicated teachers perform on a daily basis.

As LHPS perpetually works toward our vision of a professional learning community, our teachers continue to participate in workshops, on-site graduate courses, professional book studies, and national conferences. We held our eighth annual Laurel Hill Mini Conference that provided a venue for our teachers and guest presenters to present sessions to the faculty. This year’s conference was extended to all schools within our
Learning Community. Current research clearly indicates that the greatest factor in student success is a master teacher in every classroom. We are thrilled many of our teachers have achieved National Board certification, and that we are able to recruit and retain excellent teachers from around the country.

Various annual events were once again held for our school community including Family Reading Night, Math Night, Art Night, and our Turtle Trot. LHPS is proud of our current success, and we are committed to continued improvement in all aspects of educating our children. We appreciate the support from our PTA, School Improvement Council (SIC), Park West Campus Education Fund, parents and the Mt. Pleasant community,whose partnerships involve volunteering, fundraising, tutoring and organizing various events. The primary goal at Laurel Hill Primary School is to challenge every one of our students to meet his or her greatest potential. We focus daily on helping our children cultivate a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Michael Antonelli, Principal